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There is a place in each of us that is unshakable. That doesn't mean we are stoic and don't feel deeply, rather it refers to the part of us that can sit in the torrent of our tears, the storm of our anger--whatever arises--and still know we are okay.  I strive to help everyone I work with find this equanimity. 

My practice is heart-centered, and based on empowerment and choice. I believe we all have the ability and the right to live in deep and meaningful connection with ourselves and others. We often hold core-beliefs that get in our way: I am not enough, I am not lovable, etc. These core beliefs often show up as emotional patterns of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or other life stressors.


In therapy, we begin by understanding these core misconceptions, and learning skills to slow down the busy mind enough to notice them in the moment. By noticing, we create space to make choices to feel differently.


I help people create a practice where emotions can exist without judgment, where fear and anxiety and sadness can exist without becoming who we are. New patterns then emerge: patterns of confidence, ease, and connectedness. By incorporating mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, quantum psychology,  hypnotherapy, and mind-body techniques, I hope to teach and allow others to hold a deep sense of compassion for themselves and the world.  I am honored to join individuals and groups on their journey toward healing, and living in a state of infinite possibility and joy.​​

Sessions are tailored to each individual, and clients are welcome to mix modalities as needed. You can find more detailed information about my specific offerings by clicking the links here.

You may also find answers to commonly asked questions by clicking here.

It is my mission to help people find greater peace in their hearts.

If there is to be peace in the world
there must be peace in the nations
if there is to be peace in the nations 
there must be peace in the cities
if there is to be peace in the cities
there must be peace in the neighborhoods
If there is to be peace in the neighborhoods
there must be peace in the home
If there is to be peace in the home
there must be peace in the heart
-lao tzu
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